Please report sightings of samangos

Report sightings

Reporting sightings of samango monkeys in the study areas will be extremely helpful to the project. We would be most grateful to anyone living or working in the Balgowan, Dargle, Karkloof/Mbona or Fort Nottingham areas, or even visiting the region, who is willing to contribute to the project by reporting on any samango sightings.

How to report your sightings

Basic information such as time, place and estimated number of monkeys is most welcome, and any additional information that would be helpful too.

Include the following information where possible:

  • Date
  • Time (approx.)
  • Region where seen
  • Number of samangosindividual or group? If a group, estimate the number of monkeys in the group
  • Habitat – e.g. indigenous forest, garden, farmland, plantation, roadside
  • Observations – any other information that you think might be useful/interesting
  • Reported by your name. (Please also specify the form you would like you name to be in on our website (under reported sightings) or if you would like your name to be kept confidential.
  • Any photographs, recordings of vocalisations, GPS co-ordinates are most welcome, but not essential

Please also report any dead samango monkeys that are found, and if possible please indicate possible cause of death, if it is male or female, and if a baby, juvenile or adult.

Please email your information to

Reports of sightings will be shared on our website Only the general area of sightings will be made public, that is whether the sighting was in Dargle, Karkloof/Mbona or Fort Nottingham areas, so as not to infringe on anyone’s privacy.

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