Carbon collapse in fragmented forests

 “It’s well known that big animals such as primates, large fruit-eating birds, elephants, and other seed-dispersing animals disappear in forests that have been fragmented or heavily hunted.

These animals often find the limited universe of a forest fragment too small for survival, or vanish when killed off by poachers armed with rifles and snares.”

Spider monkeys are essential seed dispersers

Spider monkeys are essential seed dispersers

Many of these vulnerable animals are vital dispersers for large-seeded trees.  Without the animals, the big seeds just accumulate at the base of their parent trees, where they are killed by natural enemies such as seed beetles or fungi. 

And large-seeded trees have big seeds for a good reason: when the seeds germinate, their seedlings need enough nutrients to survive for a long time — sometimes waiting many years for a treefall gap to occur, at which point the seedling has enough light to start growing into a tall tree.”   Read more

2 thoughts on “Carbon collapse in fragmented forests

    1. It is certainly sobering. We’re told that there is still a chance for us to turn it around and fix the damage we have caused. I think they may be right. However, “people” – whoever they are – seem trapped into prioritizing their immediate needs above long-term survival for all, and that is what makes me despair..

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