Do antelopes mimic monkeys?

bushbuck, vervet monkey, samango monkey, sykes, blue monkey, interspecies, symbiotic relationship,

Trail Camera Tales – Wildlife Sightings

19th May, 2018

Observing Bushbuck (Tragelaphus scriptus) in the company of baboons and monkeys is a relatively common sight in South Africa. It’s thought they have a symbiotic relationship, one that assists both species to outwit a lurking predator or make food more accessible.


bushbuck, vervet monkey

But how much do we know about their interactions?

The footage below illustrates the unique, cuteness factor of young wild animals at play (a crucial learning tool) when a young bushbuck attempts to follow monkeys through a hole in the grass only to discover it’s way too small.


Would you agree that this endearing little antelope, despite the physical challenge, appears to be trying out some acrobatic, monkey manoeuvres?


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