Laura Brown Rodgers – Bringing Light

laura brown rodgers, animal rights, karin saks, darwin primate group

The work of the Samango Monkey Research Project, midlands KZN would not be possible if it were not for the generous contribution of philanthropist Laura Brown Rodgers of the Laura Brown Rodgers Community Fund of New Jersey in the USA.

Laura is one of those beautiful people who shines light and brings hope to what is often a dark world for animals.  For me personally, she embodies a spirit that is rarely encountered. Her existence has been inspiring, moving and supportive. And words to describe my gratitude are simply inadequate.

laura brown rodgers, animal rights, animals, vegan, love, light, samango monkey, baboon, vervet monkeys, karin saks, darwin primate group.
Laura Brown Rodgers – bringing light and hope to all sentient beings.

Laura started her early career as a modern dancer after majoring in dance at college. Her dancing career was cut short due to an injury which resulted in her making her way into the world of psychology.

After obtaining her masters in clinical social work, she became a psychotherapist. The birth of her son Richard, an exploration into self discovery and spirituality, including meditation, yoga, and integrative aspects of medicine/psychology led towards a spiritual life where she devotes her time to bringing love and light to this world.

She supports yoga and meditation programs that are made accessible to disadvantaged communities and is an avid animal rights supporter who believes in caring for the earth and all sentient beings that inhabit this planet.


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