Allies – Samangos and Vervets

The vervet monkey has a multi-male social system in comparison to the samango monkey’s one male social system hence one reason for the two troops foraging together may be that the multi-male vervet troop brings added protection to the samango troop which consists of adult females, one male and their youngsters.

At the Edge of Forest – Samango Food Sources

A bank bordering indigenous forest and a paddock has proved to be a feeding site of this samango troop in Dargle. In the video below, captured by one of our trail cameras, an adult female and three juveniles feed on yellow flowers: a Senecio species.

Using Trail Cameras to Capture Data

Thursday, August 31, 2017 Foraging on the ground - what are they eating? Although the samango monkey is mostly restricted to forest habitat, they are sometimes seen foraging on the ground, hence using trail cameras to obtain data can be useful for understanding where they are present, behaviour, troop size, other species coexisting with them … Continue reading Using Trail Cameras to Capture Data

Wildlife in the midlands, Kwazulu Natal – trail cam footage

Below is a playlist showing wildlife captured by our trail camera in the midlands, Kwazulu Natal. Tuesday, August 8, 2017