Do antelopes mimic monkeys?

Observing Bushbuck (Tragelaphus scriptus) in the company of baboons and monkeys is a relatively common sight in South Africa. It's thought they have a symbiotic relationship, one that assists both species to outwit a lurking predator or make food more accessible. But how much do we know about their interactions?

Using Trail Cameras to Capture Data

Thursday, August 31, 2017 Foraging on the ground - what are they eating? Although the samango monkey is mostly restricted to forest habitat, they are sometimes seen foraging on the ground, hence using trail cameras to obtain data can be useful for understanding where they are present, behaviour, troop size, other species coexisting with them … Continue reading Using Trail Cameras to Capture Data

Wildlife in the midlands, Kwazulu Natal – trail cam footage

Below is a playlist showing wildlife captured by our trail camera in the midlands, Kwazulu Natal. Tuesday, August 8, 2017